This page contains information about the Awesome Official Advisor PhazonDragon (aka Phazzy, Phazzinator, and Skie's Braintwin.)

Phazzi are interesting creatures.


Phazon Dragon






Phazzy, Phazzinator, Skie's BrainTwin

General InformationEdit

Phazzy is an elusive creature that has way too little self-esteem to be considered healthy. She belongs to a race of creatures called the phazon dragons. While she usually is a happy person, she can get riled up and passionate about things she has strong feelings about, and when that happens, she likes to sit back and give herself time to calm down. Phazzy joined Avadopts on September 21, 2010, and has been an active member since. Her willingness to critique sprites and offer her opinion on nearly everything promoted her to Advisor status.


Phazzi (an affectionate nickname for the plural form of phazon dragon) generally are large creatures, about the size of a small elephant. They walk on four legs, and tend to be reptile-like in appearance and actions. Phazzi are light blue in color, though the shades can range from off white to dusty blue. As their name implies, they look like dragons made of phazon. Four limbs and a long, whip-like tail are a staple. They normally not have wings, looking more like komodo dragons, but this is not unheard of. Some other phazzi have a spine down their back, similar to a spinosaurus, while still others will not have decorative features on their backs.


Being made of phazon, phazon dragons have the ability to melt into a puddle of phazon. This tactic is often used for protection and during fights. However, it's not uncommon for phazzi to melt into floors to leave chatrooms or otherwise awkward situations.


  • PhazonDragon and SilentSkieBlue are Brain-twins, meaning they often share sentiments and ninja each other.
  • Phazon has been given the title of "Master Critiquer" by some people.
  • Phazzy has a huge obsession with Doctor Who , and anything British or otherwise European. So watch out when mentioning those around her.
  • Because Phazzy's full name is PhazonDragon, and she also belongs to the phazon dragon race, it is assumed that no one knows her true name.
  • Since DragonFlare joined the forums, she has become Phazzy's new Whovian friend, and now they are brilliant together. If you were to combine their usernames, they would become "PhazonDragonFlare" or "PhazzyFlare"
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